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Inshoring Australian manufacturing

Inshoring Australian Manufacturing why you should CastAbout

“By fundamentally addressing supply chain issues, not just plugging gaps, we can build resilience and enhance our ability to deal with challenges in the future. Making us more secure. And by doing it all in a targeted, strategic way, we can create high-paid, lasting jobs – not just for this recovery, but for generations to come. Making our future brighter”.

The Hon Karen Andrews MP Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

Make It Happen – The Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing strategy

How manufacturers connect today

Traditional methods of finding local manufacturers are proving to be ineffective. Mainly because they are imprecise and narrowly focused. Manufacturers are not limited by product, but rather by the capabilities they’ve invested in.

  • Search Engines – Rank by who pays the most for ads and SEO

  • Tender systems – Open to everyone and very competitive

  • Business directories – Superficial information and limited

  • Network – Limited to the immediate personal network

Australian manufacturing performance

There is a continuous decline in the manufacturer of key equipment for essential industries such as utilities, energy, mining and mineral processing making Australia significantly dependant on imported equipment. Local manufacturing continues to decline with businesses shutting down, employees losing their jobs and further lose of skills.

Revenue in Manufacturing over the last five years. (IBIS WORLD 2020)


Iron & Steel Castings


Steep Pipe and Tube


Fabricated Metal Products


Mining and Construction Machinery


Metal Coasting and Finishing

What’s happening across the globe

Global manufacturing trends

We are in a very important time for manufacturing where capabilities have slowly declined, it’s time for change.

  1. Globalisation has led to companies off shoring production to the lowest cost providers.

  2. Final assembly may be on site, but the components often come from a variety of countries.

  3. Trade tensions are creating stress in global interdependencies.

  4. Covid 19 has accelerated and cemented deep concern about supply chain risk.

Australian metal manufacturing over the last five years

Australian Imports of metal components 2015-2020

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