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The inshoring opportunity

CastAbout transforms how Australian manufacturers connect in this modern world.

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What is CastAbout?

CastAbout is a simple to use, yet powerful relational database that connects the two users: the searcher and the most suitable manufacturer.

Manufacturers load their company capabilities through a seamless and intuitive data capture interface.

Searchers input their search criteria for the capabilities needed to manufacture a desired product, using detailed filters and options.

CastAbout’s intelligent system identifies the most suitable manufacturers based on the searchers criteria.

CastAbout allows direct access to manufacturers. Say goodbye to third parties such as trading houses.

The system captures all search data and intelligently identifies the market gap for required manufacturing capabilities.

The Inshoring Opportunity

The CastAbout process

Our process is simple, easy to use and effective in finding the most suitable manufacturer for a job.

Capability Identification

A Capability searcher will identify the required capability for manufacturing their product.

Capability entry

The capability is entered into the system by the user with additional information about the component. such as Dimensions, weight, Material, Qualifications of the manufacturer, Quality requirements.

Suitability formula

The intelligent system will find the most suitable manufacturer for the search criteria. Creating the most suitable candidate for the job.

Ranked results

The system produces results of the manufacturers who have the required capabilities and requirements for the searchers needs. They will be ranked by what is important to the searcher.

What makes CastAbout different?

CastAbout is different from traditional search methods of connecting. We have a fair (we rank by suitability for manufacture), Australia inclusive, and capability specific reach.


Castabout connects specific manufacturing capabilities to the searchers needs.

Suitability algorithim

Castabout uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend the most suitable Australian manufacturers (not the ones that have paid the most).


A peer review system of both suppliers and end users builds credibility and trust.

Supply chain risk

Australia wide. Australia only.

Realtime capacity tracking

Castabout has real time workload and capabilities tracking – identifying unmet surges in demand or gaps in Australian capabilities.

CastAbout Search 

CastAbout Search allows you to find the most suitable Australian manufacturer for your component based on the capability required for manufacture. 

When you submit the criteria required for the manufacture of your components, the CastAbout system will filter who can complete your required work and also recommend the most suitable manufacturer.

Manufacturing is not simple and there are many variables that might are important to selecting the perfect manufacturer. That’s why the CastAbout Search will allow you to determine what is required from the manufacturer such as:

  • Dimensional & weight capacity
  • Material
  • Location
  • Qualifications
  • Quality and inspection requirements

Our system allows you to be precise, versatile and accurate making it easy to ensure you get the best result.

Manufacturing locally in Australia will strengthen your supply chain.

Listing Manufacturers

Manufacturers can be added to the CastAbout directory for free. The CastAbout directory is accessible to everyone through our webpage and provides a simple directory-like platform. 

To appear in CastAbout Search results you will first need to become a listing manufacturer. Simply sign up to one of our packages and have your capabilities reach extended throughout Australia.

Listing Manufacturers are provided with the following:

  • Access to enter their detailed capabilities into the CastAbout system (dimension and weight for each capability).
  • Verification of certifications.  
  • 30-minute confirmation of capabilities video link with CastAbout team.
  • Appear in Search results if their capabilities align with the search criteria. 
  • Fortnightly emails to input their current workload.

Becoming a Listing Manufacturer today will allow you to receive enquiries for work relevant to your business capabilities. Manufacturers that appear in the search results are expected to complete the work for the best price, quality and lead time due to the matching capabilities. This means:

  • Higher success rate on quoting
  • Less quality and manufacturing issues
  • Access to local Australian demand for your specific capabilities

Become a Listing Manufacturer today and join the movement of Inshoring Australian Manufacturing.

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Join CastAbout and together we can start inshoring Australian manufacturting

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