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ASSDA Joins The CastAbout Party

A Brave New World For Australian Steel Manufacturing

Exciting news today for the Australian manufacturing industry as the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) joins CastAbout as an endorsement partner. The association will be actively involved with CastAbout’s continued development as Australia’s most powerful manufacturing database. 

The partnership will work both ways with CastAbout striving to provide ASSDA with an even greater understanding of the domestic stainless steel manufacturing landscape.

The Rundown on CastAbout

CastAbout is a powerful database that simplifies the process of sourcing metal manufacturers in Australia. Intuitive to use with a focus on keeping things simple, CastAbout fairly ranks manufacturer suitability for projects in a way that works out best for both searchers and manufacturers.

CastAbout is currently in its Beta development and is open for manufacturers to input their capabilities, familiarise with the search functions, and provide general feedback for the expected launch later this year.

An Introduction to ASSDA

The Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) is a non-profit industry group that has been developing a strong and vibrant stainless steel industry in Australia since 1992. ASSDA provides connection and technical guidance for many Australian stainless steel manufacturers, ensuring the industry utilises present knowledge and best practice. 

CastAbout And ASSDA Members

Through its intelligent digital system, the CastAbout platform will:

  • Provide 50% discounts to ASSDA members on all future manufacturer verification sign on costs
  • Bring ASSDA members a range of jobs suited to their unique capabilities
  • Provide ASSDA with access to the manufacturing capabilities data of all its members

CastAbout uses a verification process to ensure that data captured is correct. As part of the partnership, ASSDA will complete the verification, ensuring members still work with the same friendly faces.

Outcomes For CastAbout Users

Through ASSDA’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of stainless steel, they can provide all CastAbout members with expert advice on any stainless steel manufacturing processes. Considering CastAbout’s primary focus on connection, we’re confident this partnership will further create long-lasting, sustainable connections between associations and manufacturers.

Only the Beginning

This partnership looks to be the first of many between CastAbout and industry associations as more organisations see the value in an intelligent manufacturing platform. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the development of the CastAbout system and the opportunities it will create for nurturing the Australian manufacturing industry. 

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