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Why CastAbout exists

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Where we started

Where we started

The CastAbout platform was born out of the realisation that Australian manufacturers can be as competitive as their international counterparts. Our team identified that Australian manufacturing would be more cost effective if the right person was doing the most suited job.

Through our experience in the trading of manufactured goods, we saw that Australian manufacturers could be as competitive whilst offering minimal supply chain risk. However, with a lack of connection between those that needed something manufactured and manufacturers who were most suited to make it our industries are not competitive. A service was needed where searchers could get direct access to those that can make their product, and with this, CastAbout was Born.

Our core values

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy our time at work. 

The following core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at CastAbout.


We believe that precision can lead us and our customers to the best outcome. Precision is the underlying foundation of suitability, with precise data we can create better connections.


We would like to see a world where the most suited for the job get the work, not who is paying the most in advertising.


The quality of our system and data is paramount to ensuring that our customers can have trust in our platform. This is why we take the verification process very seriously to ensure manufacturers have the capabilities they say they do.

Our goals

Now is the time for Australian manufacturers to inshore manufacturing. We believe through our intelligent digital system this can be achieved.

Generate more jobs through an increase of work and production in manufacturing.

Connecting 1000’s of manufacturers with the right job, where they are most suited and equipped to do.

Reduce the amount of imports fulfilling demand in Australia.

Manufacturing opportunituies

Who is behind CastAbout

Our team of experts, creating value for Australian manufacturers.

Alex May


Chris Thomas


Myles Sicuro


Join CastAbout and together we can start inshoring Australian manufacturing

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