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An intelligent digital system for inshoring Australian manufacturing.

Transforming how Australian manufacturers connect with Australian business.

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Inshoring Australian Manufacturing

Why CastAbout?

Whether you are a manufacturer or someone who needs something made, CastAbout’s intelligent digital system will help save you time & money. Through precision in data collection, we allow you to better understand manufacturers capabilities.

Did you know? Australia is ranked last in the OECD for manufacturing self-sufficiency with a significant amount of key equipment and goods, sourced from overseas.

Why Choose CastAbout?

The Inshoring Opportunity

CastAbout uses a simple yet powerful method for connecting searchers with the most suited manufacturer. Ensuring jobs can be completed competitively.

What is The Inshoring opportunity?

Manufacturing today

There is a common misconception that Australia has limited manufacturing capabilities. CastAbout knows that there is immense capabilities around the whole of Australia and wants to ensure that they are being utilised. CastAbout is primarily aimed at contract manufacturers who:

  • Have unique capabilities such as a large machines or ability to deal with a certain material
  • Want more work that is suited to their capabilities
  • Dont want to waste their time searching tendering systems for suitable jobs
  • Want to take part inshoring manufacturing

We are beginning our journey by focusing on the connection of metal manufacturing in Australia.

Manufacturers that are well suited for the CastAbout system are machine shops, fabricators, foundries, forges, and any other business that has unique capabilities required as part of the manufacturing process.

The following data shows the vast number of Australian metal manufacturers, do you know all of their capabilities?

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  • Includes all search features.


$40/ month

  • Unlimited searchers

  • Saves time searching for suitable manufacturers that can complete work competitively, quality and best lead times. 

  • Reduced supply chain risk using local manufacturers. No more imports!

  • Access to Australia wide network

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